Breakdown & accident towing

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Accidents, breakdowns, and other difficult things happen – but breakdown & accident towing, off-road salvaging, winch outs, and cleanups don’t have to be difficult with KWT. We pride ourselves on our reputation for great customer service in situations that can often be traumatic and stressful for our clients.

Accident towing & clean ups

Accidents and emergencies happen. Whether your vehicle has been damaged in an accident on the road or has been victim to fire or natural disasters, we pride ourselves on easing the trauma and stress associated with situations that require accident towing. 

Accidents are stressful situations for those involved, so it’s important that our customers are supported through the aftermath. Clean up solutions involve safe vehicle recovery, transportation of drivers to where they need to be, cleaning up the debris and minimising the loss of any cargo. 

Off-road salvaging

Recovering your vehicles off the road isn’t a problem at Kevin Waters & Sons towing. Our towing equipment is able to retrieve vehicles from most places with impressive efficiency. Whether the area is remote or not, we’ll get there to help. 

Winch outs

Retrieving your vehicles from ditches, water or other ‘sticky situations’ doesn’t need to be problematic, and Kevin Waters & Sons towing is here to help. We use winches, a mechanical device, to most easily recover vehicles. 

24/7 emergency breakdown towing

Whatever the vehicle, things can go wrong. Whether your vehicle is a motorcycle, car, bus or truck, Kevin Waters & Sons are available to remove indisposed vehicles 24/7. While breakdowns can be stressful and inconvenient, the towing of them doesn’t need to be. 

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