Heavy Vehicle & Truck Towing

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Heavy vehicle and truck towing is made easy by KWT, even if what you need to be towed is off-road or oversized.

Heavy towing

We tow heavy vehicles and equipment that isn’t fit for driving on roads, ensuring that your business and jobs are easy and hassle-free to mobilise with cost-efficient towing solutions, opening up your services to a larger geographical area and customer base. 

Truck towing

We can tow trucks, even oversized ones, to and from anywhere in Australia. With a range of different towing equipment, nothing is impossible. Our experienced staff make towing trucks, whether disabled, impounded or otherwise, safe and efficient. 

Bus towing

Busses are known to break down, and the stakes feel higher when they’re carrying large amounts of people. Take the drama out of the mechanical failure of your bus with our efficient bus towing service. 

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